Carries Ivanka Trump diaper bags on its website. Century 21. Dresses, blouses, shoes and other apparel. Dillard's. Has clothing items, handbags and a clutch. Hudsons Bay. The company says it are speaking still carries Ivanka Trump's line. Saks OFF 5th. Owned by Canadian retailer Hudson's Bay, it continues to carry Ivanka Trump clothing, shoes and purses. Lord and Taylor.

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Also no hotels would be able to house all of them together. We would have to split them into three hotels, far away from each other," says Ricardo. "I never heard from the Israeli group again." Disability Works The BBC's business and economics unit is looking at how businesses work with people with disabilities and how disabled people have made business work for them A range of stories will feature across online, TV and radio from 20-24 February 2017 On Twitter and Facebook you can follow the hashtag #DisabilityWorks and at the end of the week you can download the Ouch podcast More Disability stories If that group had wanted to go to France, on the other hand, Ricardo would have been better placed to assist them. He offers a package for groups of up to 14 people. There they use the same bus, see all sights together and spend the night in the same hotel. 'Obligation or pity' Ricardo has made a career out of fighting for change. It is hard for him to offer good holiday packages to his clients - as he does not own the airports, buses and hotels. Image copyright Ricardo Shimosakai Image caption Ricardo offers holiday packages for disabled groups to see the sights of Paris But he can reach out to the owners and authorities to demand better infrastructure, and has won awards for his work. "In Brazil people will only act to help out others with disabilities out of obligation or pity. No-one sees the person with disability as a proper consumer, as they are seen abroad.

While I have no reason to believe DSW is considering a similar strategy, I don't see a reason why the company couldn't build its own wholesale brand portfolio through M&A. Cole Haan would be one potential target. Apax Partners bought the company in 2013 for $570M; four years later, Apax is potentially looking for an exit. A more transformational deal might be a merger with publicly traded Steven Madden (NASDAQ: SHOO ). With an enterprise value of $2 billion, SHOO is larger than DSW, but with no debt on either company's balance sheets, there are a lot of ways the deal could get done. I am not necessarily saying that any of these deals would be particularly attractive. I just think the bears are making a silly argument when they criticize DSW for lacking organic growth potential, but then praise a competitor like Caleres who is growing via an inorganic deal that DSW could just as easily execute. Catalyst For DSW Inc. The recent negative announcements from department store competitors have reduced share prices across entire retail sector, creating a buying opportunity for DSW.

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