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They can check the following categories: Dresses, where more than 500 products are available from lace dresses, midi dresses, maxi and mini dresses, denim and party dresses up to bodycon and bandage dresses. Tops, where ladies can get their new jacket, shirt, sweatshirt, vest, tank, corset, blouse, coat, or crop top. Bottoms contain pants, skirts, shorts, leggings, jeans, and capris. There are skirt and pant suits in the suits category. One-Pieces category contains Jumpsuits and Rompers. Swimwear contains a range of products including tankinis, swimsuits, bikinis, beach dresses and bags, as well as cover-ups. Women can choose from boots, heels, flats, sneakers, wedges, and sandals in the shoes category. There are many accessories available that include hats, jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, gloves, clutches, belts, and winter scarves. In the Cosmetics category, they may choose from skincare products, makeup tools, lipstick, fragrances, eye shadow, etc. There are some important products, such as lingerie and sleepwear in the category Other. To find out more about the products available in Empresswear online store and their prices, please visit .

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