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Black Friday Weekend Highlights From Brick-And-Mortar And Online Stores

The Walmart , Nike and Best Buy locations we visited were the standouts. The Walmart store we shopped had yellow tape and extra staff to help guide customers at checkout. Nike’s Manhattan flagship store was very crowded when we visited, and customers were concentrated in the sports jersey and running shoe areas. In-store traffic at popular teen destinations such as Forever 21 , Hollister and Victoria’s Secret seemed higher than when we visited them last year on Black Friday. Traffic levels at department stores we visited varied. At Saks Fifth Avenue , traffic appeared to be solid, but we saw fewer customers at Macy’s , Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom . According to ShopperTrak’s official data, store traffic on Black Friday declined by 1% year over year, while the two-day Thanksgiving–Black Friday period saw a 1.6% decline in traffic. Nike Flagship Store, Manhattan, New York, Black Friday 2017 Digital Commerce Is Here: Mobile Revenue Grew by 43% over Thanksgiving Week Consumers are now more comfortable shopping on mobile devices. Rakuten data show that sales over the full Thanksgiving week (Sunday–Friday) grew by 43% year over year and that the average order value grew by 7% year over year during the week. Rakuten data also show that 46% of consumers viewed items on mobile devices as they researched before making a purchase during the week of Thanksgiving.

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